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Gastronomy and tourism in Nancy

What to do, what to eat, what to see in Nancy

THE historic CENTRE and the old town

The architectural complex of the 18th century, inscribed on the list of world heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

Place Stanislas

Considered the most beautiful place royale in Europe, jewel of the architectural ensemble of the 18th century. Built by Emmanuel Héré, it is surrounded by grates finely ornate and embellished with gold, made by the ironworker Jean Lamour and majestic fountains, designed by Barthélemy Guibal. The Town Hall, the Opera Theatre and the Museum of fine arts occupy a part of the buildings of the square.

See also:

  • Place of Alliance
  • The career place
  • Arc de Triomphe
  • Parc de la Pepiniere

The old town

  • Porte de la Craffe
  • Gate of the Citadel
  • The Ducal Palace
  • The Church of the Cordeliers
  • Hotel D'haussonville
  • Hotel Felix
  • Hotel des Loups
  • Square and Basilica Saint-Epvre

Art Nouveau and the Ecole de Nancy

Nancy, new Art takes the name of École de Nancy. In 1901, the Ecole de Nancy is officially created (Alliance Provinciale des Industries d'art).

Glassware, furniture, stained glass, ceramics, leather, feronnerie, architecture are involved in this vast movement of renovation of the decorative arts, which still marks the city of Nancy.

Émile Gallé, Charles and Louis Majorelle, Eugène Vallin, Emile André, Jacques Gruber, Antonin Daum, Victor Prouvé, Eugène Vallin... and many other artists gave a decisive impetus to the exceptional and international art nouveau development.

A must-see Museum of the ecole de Nancy, the Villa Majorelle

Download the brochure Golf Art Nouveau of the Tourist Office
Download the brochure Golf Art Nouveau of the Tourist Office

The gastronomy 

Nancy is known for its gastronomic specialities. A few examples:
  • Bergamot, the emblem of Nancy
  • The famous macaroons
  • Madeleines de Liverdun
  • The rum Baba
  • Quiche Lorraine
  • Pâté Lorrain
  • The Potée Lorraine
  • The bite to the Queen
  • The pie Lorraine
  • The wines of Côtes of Toul
  • and of course this wonderful Mirabelle who made the reputation of the Lorraine

Major events 

  • Nancy Jazz Pulsations (October)
  • Theatre of the Passion (every four years)
  • The paper on the Place (September)
  • Festival international de Chant Choral (every two years)